Wednesday, 7 October 2009

tv license guy sent with his tail between his legs!

Ok so I've had a visit off the TV licensing company today. It was at 3.35 pm on the 07/10/2009.
I had a knock at the door and I asked who it was. "Mr O'brien.. TV licensing. I'm here to check your card." he said through the glass. "yeah sure. Hold on a minute." I said, and went to retrieve my video camera. By the time I got back to my front door he was already downstairs and out the bottom door, so I shouted him back through the open window on the landing." hey where you going?" At this he came back and up the stairs, SINGING MERRILLY, where I was waiting with my video camera...... And here are the fruits of my labour...

So who was this man that came round to my house? He didn't even introduce himself. He didn't even deliver whatever message he was sent to deliver. This is the man that has been sent to enforce these, so important laws. What changed when he seen the camera? Wont these people show their motives when they can be held accountable for their actions?

This is just more evidence to me that this is a corrupt company, who like preying on people who wont stick up for themselves... And let me ask you this. If that guy goes back and tells his superiors that I wouldn't answer the door, could this be used as so called "evidence"?

I wonder how many other people hes been trying to scare today, how many single women, or old people that are made to believe that they have to let these people in to search their homes, or face a fine of £1000.

So its been 5 months since I started this blog. Thats 5 months that it has taken for them to send somebody round. Wheres the radar van? Thats what I want to know!

I would like to take this oppurtunity to say thankyou to all my followers, for the support and all the good comments too, and a special thanks to 'All Me', I appreciate the help in spreading the word, cheers man. And I would also like to dedicate this video to John, who liked my last video so much that it would be wrong not to.Thanks for the good words John.
And please spread the word as much as possible and get people to follow to show support...

Thanks everybody.


  1. damn good work. Nice that he didnt identify himself eh.
    I wonder if you posted his face on a poster in your city, unlike the old american wanted posters from long ago , you could make a NOT wanted poster poster. oh hell, ill try something.

    Now you need more people like yourself to do this also. record thier visits i mean.

  2. What is tv licencing?? How could they fine someone?

  3. Mate. Youre a legend! Remind me to buy you a beer!

  4. I made a little video with some sound I got from their site man, hope you like it :)

  5. LOL. This video is hilarious. I have a touch of the flu as sme man sneezed on me the other day and I needed cheering up...LMAO.

  6. Haha this is wicked Liam! This is what needs to happen, people standing up for themselves, against these corrupt organisations! You are an inspiration to us all. Hopefully more people will stand up and be counted, I know I will

  7. Ok, I'm back on a more serious note...This is exactly how the UK public sector organisations waste money harassing people and wasting time and money that could be well spent on other services.

    Any fool reading this blog will know that you stated that you do not have a TV and you called them up to let them know this as well, yet they still turn up at your doorstep.

    You can just tell that these people do not have enough work to do. If they had, they would be out there catching people who do have a TV and no licence. Kind of pathetic, don't you think.

    Typical UK BUREAUCRACY, send out a man on a job to recoup TV licence money when he actually stated weeks ago that he has no TV....DUMMY.

  8. yes 'health and beauty' you are right to an extent, but you are missing the big picture... What I am actually saying is that this is a corrupt company, and the BBC should find funding from elsewhere like advertising... And they are already making millions all over the world selling other products like tv series and dvd's anyway...
    The bbc has taken 6 and a half billion pound this year, that is a disgusting amount of money to be syphoning from the british public, and for what? BBC 1 AND BBC 2!.....
    But yes, if all this was justified then they would be wasting money harrassing people like me who don't watch tv. The problem is that to not watch tv feels like a crime in my country because of these people.
    Thanks for the input and support health and beauty.

  9. Hello Liam,

    I AM in your country and I do not watch TV myself.

    Seeing as I used to work in the public sector, I know that these people do not have enough work to do. They sit around drinking cups of tea or try to look busy. That was my point.

    Maybe you should make a post about what you highlight in your comment above.

    I have never really seen the sense in the BBC paying people like Jonathan Ross so much money to come and swear on TV for example, but I don't see the sense in a lot of things that are going on in the world.

  10. Well done man! That is BRILLIANT!

    If they come around here again, I will carry out a leafleting campaign in the local area to inform people of the scam.

    Feels good doesn't it?

  11. LOL.
    I had a visitation from a TV licence man a few days ago. I told him to 'bugger off'. He was quite a creepy smarmy character, and he kept asking to come in. I wish I had taken his photograph!

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