Monday, 14 September 2009


Ok so I've had another threatening letter today, calling me a criminal, saying that a 'TEAM' of enforcement officers are going to come round my house, etc etc.... Check out the video and make your own mind up..

One part of the letter I didn't touch on in the video is where the letter says that, if they cannot gain access to my property then they may apply for a SEARCH WARRANT off the courts.....
So whats gona happen if they come to your home every year, which they have been known to do, to ask if they can come in? What if you say no? Are you going to be subject to them applying for a warrent year after year? Could they essentially have the right to come into your home, your private place of residence, year after year, just because you don't own a tv?
So to stop these strangers coming in your home and searching it every year, do you have to buy a £143 tv license?...... THIS SEEMS VERY WRONG TO ME!

So anyway... This is my latest encounter with the tv licencing. Lets wait and see what happens next eh... Lets see what methods they use after this " FINAL NOTIFICATION ".. Haha.


  1. Dude I love it. The sickening fact that it isn't a game, but reality at its corrupt core.
    I'd have a live video feed going when you have them knock on your door. in USA they can not enter without a warrent. Just be polite, that pisses them off.
    I wish I could suggest a protest, but that wouldnt happen because the people are scared.
    That's why I gave up.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  2. is that posible on my understanding tv are sold on stores and dont require any license i do smell scam don you?

  3. Man, that is some serious BS that they require a license to receive any television or internet services. Total corruption - BOO HISS!


  4. For those that watch TV and pay the license, do they also have to pay for the premium channels like in the USA?

    Thanks for posting this, and the video. It's rather entertaining...though you're right about it being an unnecessary attempt at distressing people. Thanks for sharing your involvement with us!

  5. In our country they've tried to sue the deceased :)

  6. Absolutely agree, just another way of taxing people.

  7. The Beeb IS good though, Liam. I would happily pay the licence fee for:
    The Office;
    Five Live (imagine match day without it);
    Christine off The One Show;
    Question Time;
    This Week;
    Alan Hansen;
    The Apprentice.

    Cannot think of one good TV show on ITV, and Channel 4 is going downhill fast.

  8. Liam, listen, btw your blog is cool.
    In SA a few weeks back, it was the final episode of Survivor China. SABC3 left out the entire voting ceremony with the jury decisions and comments, with the votes, with the arguments, also the announcement of the winner, etc and skipped right to the live reunion show where the winner had already been announced. And this because some twit had pushed the wrong button - half the bloody country was watching in anticipation to find out who'd won (except the people like me who spoil it for themselves before the season's even begun and look it up on the internet)and they stuffed it up hugely for us. But wait - PAY YOUR TV LICENSE, IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO (good jingle we've got here in SA isn't it - very original?!). All of the decent programs are on DSTV anyway - SA TV is complete and total crap, not worth watching at all. Good luck to you.

  9. I live in South Africa, where the good guys like us are behind bars and the bad ones outside.
    Violent crime is an everyday occurrence and there is no way I will allow any inspector, investigator or researcher into my property.
    The authorities target us that have fixed addresses, rather than those living in the townships
    It's a case of the minority paying for the majority.
    The officials from the SA Broadcasting Corporation have stolen millions of taxpayer's money(see the Press)