Thursday, 9 April 2015

Seems as though the original video of my encounter with the tv license man was taken down by youtube a friend uploaded it with the guys face blocked out, so here it is for anyone that wants to watch it ..........

A long awaited update .........

Ok so its been a few years now since I wrote this blog and many people are probably wondering if I've been hauled away to some dungeon somewhere for not paying the tv license ...... Well its good news people, Im still here! lol

In the past few years I have learnt many things about the law on the internet because getting rid of the tv gave me lots of time to do so :) ..... Well within all this time I've had a few visits from the tv license people, 2 visits were within a one month period, and probably 2 more visits widely spaced apart ..... So all in all I have not been harassed by them.

I say I have not been harassed by them because out of the approximate 4 visits there was only one who was rude enough to make my blood pressure rise.

Through all of my studies of the law and many different stories I have seen of people dealing with this sort of thing on the internet I have come up with a very good technique to deal with tv license agents at my door .............

Through all of my studies I have realised that the tv licensing company is just a corporation, a business, and as such has no authority in law to demand ANYTHING from any man or woman without their consent ...... There is not one business out there that has the authority to force money out of a man or woman for service if they do not consent. .... Merely putting an aerial into your tv and switching it on is NOT an act of CONTRACT and has never been and will never be.

SO, keeping this in mind when I answer the door I prepare my mind as though im answering the door to a windows salesman, not an "authority" or some other scary envisionment of a man, but merely a salesman ...... When I answer the door they generally say something like "hello are you mr so and so" .... to which I will say "Who is asking?" ...... When they say "tv licensing" I scrunch my face a little as though someone offered to sell me a lucky rabbits foot and say "aghhhh no thanks" .... This generally causes confusion in their mind as you can see from their face, then youl get something like "but this property is unlicensed" to which you can say "yes it is, but I do not require what you are OFFERING" (remember a business can only ever make OFFER, they cant FORCE you to buy) ....... Again you'l get some form of confused look and maybe something like "what do you mean?" ..... To this you can simply reply ... "you work for a company right? a corporation?" if they are smart they will say yes, so then you can say something like "ok so you work for a business, as a business you are offering a service, a service I do not require, so thanks, but no thanks" then you simply smile say "have a nice day" and shut the door terminating the conversation.

A couple of the men that came to my door understood exactly what I was saying and smiled and said "ok you have a nice day too" and walked away in peace. Another guy got a little arsey but when I explained that all contracts in law have to be entered into willingly he backed down and said thank you for my time ...... Another one was a complete brain washed idiot and got very angry and started saying I HAVE TO PAY ..... He also started asking if I paid taxes etc etc getting very antagonising ..... I ended up shouting at him asking if hes happy paying for little brown people to be blown up in other countries by being a good slave and paying his taxes, he replied yes .......... You have to understand, some of the people who come to your door will be thoroughly brainwashed and will even get abusive, but remember, THEY knocked on YOUR door. ... If they get abusive do not be afraid to stand up to this intruder into your life, they are UNWANTED visitors. Treat them like you would ANY unwanted visitor, they do NOT have the right to harass people.

Well that is my method for dealing with doorstep callers and I must say its works out well the majority of the time, because mot people dont want confrontation and they are "just doing their job", at the end of the day, most people just want to live, in peace. ... And think about it LOGICALLY, are they going to ring the police and say "erm yeh hi, i work for a business, and I knocked on someones door and they said no and closed the door" ..... the police would be like "yeh, and what?" .. haha ...

Well its been a few years and I thought there might be people who appreciate and even get help from this update, so I hope you all enjoy this update and helps bring some peace of mind. It must be 6 or 7 years since I stopped paying, nothing has happened to me, I havnt been hauled off to court or some dungeon to rot ...... The tv license is one massive con to the tune of billions per year, billions that is being sucked from the british people in times where people can barely afford to heat their homes in the winter, when jobs are scarce, when food and energy prices rise through the roof. If you feel The money is better in your pocket then fuck the pedophile ridden, corrupt BBC, fuck the ty license bullies who's main income in fines comes from single women at home on their own with kids to bring up. Remember, dont live in fear and NEVER willingly let these people through your door, its at that moment you CONTRACT with them.

I hope this helps.