Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Yeah the t.v licence people are getting a bit annoyed with me I think. Its quite funny really. I havn't had a t.v since the start of June.

It all started at the beginning of May a couple of months ago.I rang the t.v licencing people, to tell them I wont be renewing my licence at the start of June, as I wont be using t.v anymore. To this the woman on the phone said I have to ring back nearer the time, and then they would put it on the system. Why she couldn't do it then I don't know, but I agreed anyway because these phone calls are expensive.

When I put the phone down I decided I've done my part. I rang them using my money, job done. I have no obligation to these people.

The woman on the phone never did put anything on the system, because at the start of June I got a "reminder" letter saying that I need to pay....So I filed it in the bin.
Then I got a "reminder" letter at the end of June, and another at the start of July. And yes, they went in the bin too.

But now I have a letter saying in big red letters that, THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NOTICE. THIS PROPERTY IS UNDER INVESTIGATION......oooh scary. Big red letters. Maybe I should run to the phone right now and beg for mercy,.....or maybe, I'll do my own little investigation. Maybe I just, won't reply to them, and see what happens.
Lets see if they send their radar vans. Lets see if they send "agents" to my door asking to come in...HA... "agents". Thats funny.

I'll do my own investigation, and see what tactics they use to catch people, because nobody really knows how they operate. I do know one thing though. They aren't the police, so you can refuse them entry. That would be a laugh wouldn't it. HA. Imagine it. I hear a Knock on the door one day and when I answer they say 't.v licencing sir. May I come in to see if your watching t.v..... Then I say no, shut my door and start singing through my letter box, 'your not getting money out of me-e. Your not getting money out of me-e'. Then they will keep investigating me, using different tactics, which I can then learn and share with everybody. And all along I'm NOT breaking the law. GREAT.

So I guess now its a matter of waiting. I will update on the progress as it happens.


  1. so, are you still using the TV, or not?

  2. sorry mate, no i dont. read my first blog and you will see why.

  3. yeah mate thats a wicked idea. u should play them at their own game. i would look forward in seeing how they operate.!

  4. This post had me laughing out loud. The TV Licence people are one of the most annoying people to exist on this planet, next to bailiffs of course. They like to chase people who have moved from properties. When these people lived at these addresses the TV licence people did not do their job to chase and harass those people who had sky, TV's in very room etc. Then they harass decent hard-working people who don't even watch TV or own one?

    They get on my bleeding nerves, so annoying!
    I think that just about sums it up, and I hope they are reading this since they seem to ignore letters that get sent back to them.

  5. Not being a UK resident, I can't relate to your issues with the TV licensing office. But I can relate to your desire to be television-free. I have to confess that I am not tv-free at the moment (long story), but at various points in my life I have cancelled my cable subscription (which in Canada generally *does* mean that the screen goes blank on you), largely because I wanted to do more with my life than be glued to a screen.

    Good luck to you!